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ON-DEMAND 418 Cases in Neurology 137 A published Case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - 1 CEU

  • 01 Jan 2018
  • 30 Aug 2041
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ON-DEMAND: Sign up and take the class at anytime.  Take the test at any time and receive your certificate via email upon successful completion. CEU valid for CO, IA, & NE. Other states may apply, check with your applicable state board.

Course Title: 418 Cases in Neurology c137 A published Case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Course Instructor: Joseph S. Ferezy, DC

CE: One (1) Classroom Hours

Class Description:

This case involves a serious and longstanding case of carpal tunnel syndrome.  The patient initially presented to the Dr. of chiropractic, who then refered the patient to a medical neurologist  and ultimately for electrodiagnostic testing.  The result of electrodiagnostic testing suggested that the patient should have an urgent carpal tunnel release surgery.  However, since the patient was improving the treating chiropractor referred the patient to a chiropractic neurologist, Dr. Ferezy, for a second opinion.  A follow-up electrodiagnostic report showed considerable improvement and surgery for the patient was canceled.  This case was published in the Journal of Chiropractic Technique.  It demonstrates that even serious and longstanding cases of carpal tunnel syndrome can be effectively managed using conservative chiropractic therapy.

Class Objectives:

Upon completion of this class the viewer should be able to:

Describe in detail the anatomy of the carpal tunnel and anatomical course of the median nerve.

List muscles in the hand innervated by the median nerve.

Draw the sensory distribution of the median nerve in the hand and discuss points which differentiate median nerve compression at the wrist, from other points of median nerve compression and nerve root compression.

List important aspects of the clinical examination for carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as multiple methods of conservative treatment.

 Demonstrate the sensory exam and Tinel’s Sign portions of the clinical evaluation for carpal tunnel syndrome.

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