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  • ON-DEMAND UPDATE 2023 - 210b2 Medicare Documentation of Subluxation - 2 CEU

ON-DEMAND UPDATE 2023 - 210b2 Medicare Documentation of Subluxation - 2 CEU

  • 01 Jan 2018
  • 31 Dec 2027


  • Tuition for ChiroClasses 210b


Title: Documentation Of Chiropractic Subluxation: The Medicare Standard.

Speaker: Joseph S. Ferezy, D.C.

Live Class (June 2018) Updated 6/23 – 2 CEU

This was a live class for chiropractic doctor’s which was recorded as a part of their continuing education. The class explores the subluxation from the point of view of how to properly document that a subluxation exists and other factors essential for compliance with Federal Medicare Guidelines.  Personal response devices ("clickers") were used by the approximately 60 class participants to add an interactive aspect to the program. Personal opinions of the speaker are inserted to put a provider’s perspective on the Medicare requirements. 


Explain how and why documentation of a subluxation is so important for Medicare patients in chiropractic practice.

Compare and contrast the Medicare reimbursement of chiropractic providers vs. Medical and other providers for similar services.

Describe payments made to chiropractors, calculate the actual dollars per visit and explain what portion of payments made are considered inappropriate as medically unnecessary according to a report issued by the Department Of Health And Human Services (HHS).

Compare and contrast non-provider services, such as drugs and durable medical devices with costs associated with chiropractic care.

Define requirements for chiropractic services to be covered by Medicare.

List and discuss how a subluxation may be properly documented in the medical record for Medicare patients.

Evaluate your understanding of subluxation compared to other chiropractic providers. 

List the various types of subluxation which may be demonstrated on xray and are acceptable to Medicare.

List the components of the physical examination which are required by Medicare to be demonstrated in order to verify the existence of a subluxation.

Identify the specific requirements accepted by Medicare for the initial and subsequent visits of the chiropractic patient.

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