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ON-DEMAND 314e3 Somatoform - 1 CEU

  • 01 Jan 2018
  • 31 Dec 2027
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ON-DEMAND: Sign up and take the class at anytime.  Take the test at any time and receive your certificate via email upon successful completion. CEU valid for CO, IA, & NE. Other states may apply, check with your applicable state board.

Neurology 314e3

Course Title: Somatoform Disorders & Malingering

Course Instructor: Joseph S. Ferezy, DC

CE: One (1) CE Classroom Hour

Format: Video Slides 2 parts

Class Description:

This class will discuss a variety of non organic disorders known as Somatoform diseases.  Some of these disorders were previously termed “hysterical” disease.  Most of these disorders are categorized under the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) as mental illness classifications, and not in the International Classification of Disease (ICD) that is typically used by chiropractic physicians to categorize the disorder experienced by the patient.  Also, differentiation will be made between Somatoform disorders and frank malingering which is a distinctly separate entity, but shares many similarities upon physical examination.

Class Objectives:

Define the terms somatoform disorder, hysteria, malingering, organic and non organic disease.

Contrast and compare organic and non organic disease.

Contrast and compare somatoform disorder and malingering.

Identify the most common symptoms described by patients suffering from Somatoform disorder, and develop a strategy to what degree the symptoms may have a somatoform component. 

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