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ChiroClasses Action Regarding Corona  Virus In Nebraska


YOUR "LIVE" CONTINUING EDUCATION REQUIREMENT IS WAIVED! Chiroclasses seminar will now be held as a "Distance Education" class.  This will be available "ON-DEMAND" effective ASAP (planed launch begins April 10, 2020).  That means that you can take any or all parts of the class at any time after the program launch. If you are already registered, you do not need to do anything at all. You will receive an email with a link to the online videos, notes and a post test.  If you have not used distance education in the past, Chiroclasses makes the entire process VERY EASY. Just a few clicks and you will be up and running.  Click HERE for information and registration for the Nebraska License Renewal Seminar. Click HERE for information on all Chiroclasses Distance Education Programs.

Chiroclasses contacted the Nebraska Board of Health via Email and telephone.  Antonio answered on the first ring, and was extremely helpful (shout out). He pointed us to the following Executive Order 20-10 – COVID-19. While this order generally excludes doctors of chiropractic, please note the following (Bold highlights added by Chiroclasses).

Q: My profession limits the number of hours of online/home study continuing education, but in-person continuing education is not available at this time. My profession is not listed in Executive Order 20-10. Can I obtain all of my continuing education hours for renewal or reinstatement online or by home study? A: The Department will not enforce any limit on the number of continuing education hours obtained online or by home study for renewal or reinstatement of any type of license during the State Declaration of Public Health Emergency. The Department will be as flexible as possible for renewals that take place following the emergency. If licensees obtained online or home study CE hours during the emergency because in-person courses were not available, the Department will accept those CE hours even if the renewal (expiration date) for that profession takes place after the emergency has ended. Communication will be sent to licensees once any subsequent renewal period begins so that licensees know when the limits for online or home study CE are back in place. 


Dear Nebraska Rehab Office,

Our organization, ChiroClasses, has been planning to hold a "LIVE" seminar in mid May, 2020 for license renewal credits for Nebraska Licenced Doctors of Chiropractic. We have received numerous contacts from Nebraska Licensed chiropractors in regard to the status of this educational program.

As you are aware, pursuant to 172 NAC 29- 006.01, item 1 (a-b) General Requirements for Licensee "may not be obtained by completing formal self study activities."

In past years, this class has many dozens of attendees. In light of the corona virus outbreak, it seems unwise to have any large group gathering, as this may cause a danger to both the doctors of chiropractic, as well as the Nebraska citizenry that they serve. However, as you are aware, NE licensed doctors must complete their CEU "Live" requirements by the end of July. I apologize if this has already been addressed, and ask that you please direct me to the latest information on this subject.

I have been informed that the Nebraska Chiropractic Association has already cancelled their continuing education program.  Cancellation of another class will put a great number of Nebraska Chiropractors at risk of non-compliance with board CEU requirements. Therefore, I am requesting guidance from your board. ChiroClasses will be able to adjust the class and perform the required continuing education credits in a "distance education" format, if the board would allow the "Live" CEU's requirement to be waived for this biennium.

As you may already be aware, in Iowa, the Governors Emergency Proclamation has waived this requirement.  The Chiropractic Board has issued the following clarification for Continuing Education "Any Board rules that require you to complete any continuing education in-person are waived for the next license renewal.  To the extent possible, you are encouraged to take distance education courses and try to meet all continuing education requirements in accordance with your renewal deadline. There is currently no limit on the number of continuing education hours that may be obtained through distance education." 

Please reply as soon as possible, since getting this format change set up, notifications sent to the doctors, hotel alterations and scheduled speaker adjustments will be both very costly and time consuming. 

I have also copied Mr. Hayden on this email.  Last year I inquired to Mr. Hayden in regard to: 

29-006.01B The Board will notify all Nebraska-licensed chiropractors/chiropractic physicians, in active practice by the first working day after August 1 of each even numbered year, of the categories and number of hours in each category that must be obtained from those items listed in 172 NAC 29-006.01, item 1.b. but not exceeding a total of four hours. 

Mr. Hayden responded to tell me that he was no longer the appropriate contact for this information, but that my request for this information was forwarded to, and that a reply would be forthcoming.  However, no such reply was received, so I again inquire as to any alterations in "the categories and number of hours in each category that must be obtained". Will you please address this issue as well?

Finally, I do not see a definition in 29-002 DEFINITIONS regarding the term "formal self study activities", and I would appreciate clarification on that item as well.

Thank you for your anticipated guidance and prompt reply.

JS Ferezy, DC -  

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